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Hello and welcome to my blog, SnowBallYourSuccess. The reason I called the blog SnowballYourSuccess is that like a snowball which gets bigger and bigger when you work at adding to it, the same is true for success. There is no such thing as success overnight and it it’s a journey.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.– Aristotle”

The blog is aimed at the millennial generation (I am a millennial so I believe it is easier to write to a group you can relate to) and focusing on what I believe are the four key investment areas that can lead to a successful life. They are personal development, monetary investment, people investment and physical investment.

I will spend most of my time looking at writing pieces around these four areas. Some posts will not all be written by me as I want to also give other people the platform to write. So if you think you got an interesting piece about the four key areas, then send it across  at

Why am I doing this?

I personally got involved in writing this blog because I love to help people and also found that rather than helping one person I could help 1000s. I am still learning about the four areas, but thought this is a great way to share the journey.

As a profession, I work in investments and I would never trade it for the world! I find it stimulates my interest to learn and understand businesses.

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