When I was a kid, I was usually taken for walks by my parents in the park on Sundays. I treasured those moments. Not only did I get to enjoy those priceless moments with my parents but also eat my favorite Chicken in my much loved Nandos. Though there were many famous fast food outlets near my home, I preferred the one that was the best quality at a reasonable cost! Well, that’s how I remembered Nando’s! And that my friends, is called as branding.

Branding is a crucial step for many organizations. A brand can usually be a symbol, a different design, or a peculiar name. Anything that makes them stand apart from their competitor is a brand. In my case, it was those big golden arches that I fondly remember even today. That symbol separated McDonald’s from its competitors. Companies spend a lot of money to brand themselves as a part of their marketing strategy.


However, branding doesn’t stop with companies. In a digital era, it is equally important to have a personal brand. You need to stand apart from others. There is high competition out there, so how do you plan to shine among them? Building your personal brand is the most important aspect. Though you might be working for a different business, your personal brand is what makes you a reliable employee.

Why should I build my personal brand?

Building a personal brand opens a world of professional opportunities. Your resume would be valued and you would be the most wanted employee of the organization. Still not convinced? Check out these cool reasons!


Building a great personal brand will ensure you have better job prospects. You need not go around looking for jobs. Employers will be interested in hiring you even before you apply for the job.

You will be able to gain better contacts and clients. The most important aspect of building your network is gaining trustworthy acquaintances and customers. If people trust you and your vision, you are an asset to many.

The more you are trusted, the better you are recognized. When you build your personal brand, people believe in your skills. The more the customer the better industry recognition.

It doesn’t stop with that, you are now valued and respected employee, freelancer or entrepreneur. No matter what is your designation, branding does the most important work of placing you at the helm of stardom.

How do you build your personal brand?

So now you would have realized how important a personal brand is. But how do you build your personal brand? Here are few tried and tested methods to help you kick start your personal branding journey.

  • Create a personal vision statement:

You would have seen your organization create a vision statement. Well, now it’s time for you to do the same. Creating a vision statement will help you realize your key points that you would want to highlight. Ask yourself questions and determine what you want out of your life. There are no right or wrong answers but the more detailed your vision statement is, the more you can get out of it.

  • Target the right audience:

No matter what you are doing, you are always selling something. You might be a potential employee selling your skills to a company or an entrepreneur selling your products to a customer. It is an important step to target the right audience. Only by doing so, you can be successful. Targeting the right audience helps you build a community to help and support your dreams. A happy manager or a happy customer sells your skills or products more than you.

  • Reach the audience:

Targeting alone is not enough, it is important to reach the right people. How can you do so? Many find it so difficult but it is possible. Using the right methods and strategy, one can reach the target pretty easily. Exposure or reaching out people where your target audience spends most of the time is a good move. It is best to create content in such a way that it appeals to the customers. Create your custom formula to have a bigger outreach.

  • Get your free press:

Now, this might seem like a difficult option but it is not. This is a great way to gain exposure. There are a lot of different tools available online to build contact with journalist and bloggers. Make friends. Nurture your friendship. Understand what the media wants currently and focus on the topic. I’m sure this will automatically get you the free press you badly want. Who doesn’t want to be popular!!

  • Learn from leaders:

Though you are a pro in your field, learning from a leader in your niche matters a lot. To do well in your profession, you must continuously learn the upcoming trends of the industry. Never stop yourself from learning something new every day.  Learning from a mentor is builds your profile rapidly. Mentors are a great asset to build your personal brand. They might be able to give you an insight into their strategies, their mistakes and how they have achieved their dreams. It’s just the right thing you needed.

    • Track and Analyze:


Once you establish your personal brand, it is now time to track and analyze it. You need to see the metrics to determine if your methods are working right. You have to monitor your growth and make necessary changes if it doesn’t work. You must be ready to change your tactics and strategies. Listen to your audience and observe if you or your product meets the industry requirements and perception.

  • Be you:

The most crucial point in building a personal brand is simply being you. Everybody loves a unique personality. Take inspiration from leaders, role models, mentors but never lose your personality. Don’t lose your identity because your personality would separate you from your competition. Don’t imitate others. People tend to find it out. Embrace the unique you and love what you do. That’s how you build an everlasting brand for yourself.

I am the founder of SnowballYourSuccess.com. The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at imran@snowballyoursuccess.com I am 26 years old based in London, UK

Building your personal brand

Imran Dean

I am the founder of SnowballYourSuccess.com. The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at imran@snowballyoursuccess.com I am 26 years old based in London, UK

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