With a deadline looming over your head, are you still surfing through your social accounts? Time is ticking but do you find yourself drawn to the idiot box? Are you surfing aimlessly through your TV while you know you should be working? Do you find yourself tensed and agitated over a pending work? It’s not rocket science to understand your symptoms! You are a procrastinator! You tend to escape work until there is no other way than to deal with it.

Do you procrastinate?

All of us have come across this phenomenon? Do you still find yourself procrastinating? So what is procrastination? This term refers to putting off important stuff until you are pressed for time. We usually waste our time and keep doing unimportant stuff. We are overwhelmed by the task at hand that we do not do it but put it off for later. And when it is late, we panic. We wish we had started it earlier but there is no time. I have been procrastinating for quite some time. My dream of being a proud author of a book is only a dream so far. Procrastinating makes us hide from work, delaying our progress and prevents us from achieving a greater result in life.

Don’t let this habit destroy your peace of mind. Don’t let it hinder your progress. Don’t let it take over your life. You deserve so much more.

Follow these 8 steps to stop this habit and achieve success:

Break down your work into smaller modules:

Stop procrastination and get things done faster using this simple step. We usually put things off for later when we are overwhelmed by our workload. We have so many things on our plate that we are not able to focus on a particular task so, in the end, our most important task takes a back seat. Stop doing it!

Break your task into smaller modules. Focus on the smaller tasks. If you are still not able to concentrate, then I would suggest that you break it down further.  The smaller the task, the easier it is to complete it. This step has helped me so much in my writing. I break down the tedious process of publishing my book into smaller tasks. I initially start off with deciding the genre of the book, then I decided the theme of the book. Slowly I added characters and their personality along with the story. Now I’m writing the tenth chapter. Can you believe that? From nowhere I’ve come so far. My next step would be to complete my book, revise it and look out for publishers. The remaining tasks seem manageable and I’m sure I can do it.

Change your environment:

Your environment plays an important role while you work. A good, bright workplace will motivate you to work and finish your task. A cluttered and a messy workplace doesn’t have the same effect on you. You would probably want to snuggle and sleep! So it is time to change the environment. An environment that inspires you earlier might not be able to do so now. So choose wisely and let the inspiration flow.

Set timelines with correct deadlines to finish each task:

Though you have broken your task into multiple small tasks, it is best to set a detailed timeline with deadlines and stick to it. However, you must understand that setting a deadline for the entire work doesn’t work well. Set deadlines for the individual task list. And make sure you follow those because putting off one small task might mess up your entire plan. Break your timeline to monthly weekly and daily basis and set achievable deadlines.

Be Inspired:

Procrastination happens because you are too bored or easily distracted. You don’t have the motivational factor within you to get you going. Find inspiration to stop procrastination. Build a relationship with people who inspire you and help you achieve your goals.  Being with such people helps you follow few of their good practices and it really works well for you and me.

Talk about your goals to others:

Your goals and dreams are what you are working for, so it seems natural to talk about it to others. Talking about such topics will enable you to realize how important it is for you. Self-realization helps you accomplish tasks faster than anything else. Not only that, people are fascinated to know what others are doing! They are bound to ask you if you have accomplished it. This is a great way to keep yourself accountable for your dreams.

Get a mentor:

Procrastination often doesn’t allow us to complete the task within the set deadline. What do we do then? Get yourself a mentor who is able to understand your problem and help you out when there is an emergency. In addition to that, their knowledge is a valuable asset to you. Knowing that there is somebody out there who has already achieved your goal, is a great source of motivation.

Don’t over complicate things:

Are you waiting for the right time to do your task? If that’s the reason be sure that there’s never a right time to do the work. Don’t over complicate things.  Don’t over think about simple matters. Waiting for the perfect setting doesn’t work it simply makes you lazy and find new reasons to procrastinate your work.

Just do it!

I can give you a million tips and tricks to stop procrastination yet it a boils down to a simple reason. Take action. You can plan, think, overcomplicate stuff, analyze, and track but if you don’t take action, you would still be standing at the same point. Nobody can achieve success by procrastinating work. To succeed in life, work tirelessly and achieve your goal. Never ever procrastinate! Still doubtful if you can do it! Try the famous Japanese method to stop laziness and procrastination. When you feel like procrastinating, try the one minute rule. This is a very short time to start your work rather than procrastinating it. It is worth a try!

I am the founder of SnowballYourSuccess.com. The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at imran@snowballyoursuccess.com I am 26 years old based in London, UK

How can I stop procrastinating?

Imran Dean

I am the founder of SnowballYourSuccess.com. The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at imran@snowballyoursuccess.com I am 26 years old based in London, UK

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