Benefits of living a simple life:

Cluttered lifestyle:

Life, as complicated as it may sound is made up of experiences, memories, and emotions. Do you know that a human spends most of his life chasing dreams and goals? During this hectic journey, an individual has to manage the high expectations of family, the tough job requirements, and their changing needs and desires.

Missing out on great things?

We are moving very fast in this world of technology and Internet. While we enjoy all materialistic things, we often forget that we miss out on all spectacular things life has to offer. We grow attached to stuff that does not add value to our life. So how do we stay happy? How can we DE clutter our messy lives? How do we benefit from living a simple life?

Key to our worries-Simple lifestyle:

Once we realize that living a simple life is the key to all our worries, wait no more! Jump and grab it with both your hands. The best part of living a simple life is not always visible but is a wonderful journey that we must embark on. It is surely a life changing experience. So what do you mean by a simple lifestyle?

How do you practice simple lifestyle?

Simple lifestyle, as the word suggests is being less materialistic. While you may celebrate a clean countertop and organized bookshelves, you are only touching the surface of simplicity. Living a simple lifestyle comes from within. It is an intrinsic motivator that reflects on your health and happiness.

Let us begin with these top four steps to practice a simpler lifestyle:

  • Learn to say no: Learn to say no to things that do not line up with your personal growth. It is completely alright to say no to tasks that are trivial and time-consuming.
  • Prioritize: Learn to prioritize your task. Every day you are working on a lot of things, so it’s the right time to simplify those. It is time to identify if the chore is worth your time and energy.
  • Be present: You live only once, so try your best to be present in the moment and enjoy those small things life throws your way. Be present in the current moment.
  • Streamline: Make things easier for yourself. Simplify it. Break down complicated things. Easy things are simpler to understand and practice.

Follow these four simple steps to be able to lead a humble and an enhanced life. Though there might be a million ways to do it, these four steps would form your foundation. Build on it later.

There are plenty of benefits for an individual who leads a modest life. So what are they? Come on, it’s time to see the benefits of practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of leading a simple life:

·         Sleep better:

Every person loves a good sleep, but chasing our dreams and pursuing our choices gives us less time to do so. Our brain is cluttered with a lot of things. Both our body and mind is stressed. De-stressing is one of the benefits of living a simple life. A sound sleep keeps the body healthy.

·         Concentrate better:

One of the main advantages of a simple life is better concentration.  Consider a child with too many toys, they eventually cannot concentrate on playing with one toy. We, humans tend to be the same way. With so many things to distract us, we concentrate less on important things. Haven’t we always forgotten somebody’s birthday? Learning to live a simple life makes sure you concentrate better, focus on your goal and achieve it.

·         Better creativity:

Simpler lifestyle ensures better creativity.  Simplifying makes sure that we don’t get overwhelmed by life’s challenges. We eventually learn to become better decision makers and problem solvers. In fact, I have slowly realized that now I can write better. Ideas make sense and now I’m improving in ways I have not reflected before.

·         Better health:

A sound mind is the true essence of a healthy body. When we tend to sleep better, focus on goals and live a stress-free life, health is habitually improved. We wouldn’t have noticed but a better health always reflects on our great moods. We are more energetic, happy and cheerful. As we simplify, we find more time to relax and rejuvenate our body and mind.

·         Improve relationships:

When we realize that materialistic things do not give us joy, we slowly tend to focus on our relationships with others. We make efforts to understand them. Owning fewer possessions makes sure we do not spend a lot of time in taking care of the things. We spend more time with friends and family which in turn has a positive effect on our mind and body.  Sharing our resources and helping the community to grow becomes a habit for us.

·         Spirituality:

A simple life ensures that an individual connects with his inner self and grown as a unique person. We lose interest in materialist world as we find out inner calling. Spirituality is connecting to our soul on a higher platform which frees us from the restraints of fear and distress.

·         Environment-friendly:

Our environment has always given plentiful to us. When it is time for us to give back, we shy away from the responsibilities. Simpler lifestyle ensures we give back to mother earth. Our carbon footprint is reduced. We eat healthy foods, recycle, reuse and consume less power. We tend to send out positive vibes everywhere.

·         Less technology:

In a world of technology, we are addicted to our gadgets. From phones to televisions, we simply cannot live without them. Minimal use of technology is the need of the hour. When we slowly move away from these, we have improved brain functions, better health, and stronger relationships.

Opt for a modest lifestyle:

Opting for a modest or a simple lifestyle doesn’t mean throwing away your possessions or your hobbies. It simply means to disconnect yourself once in a while to enjoy the beauty of our fast moving life. Stop buying things which you don’t need. Live for yourself, your needs and your choices. Ease your burdens and chose freedom to do things that you have always wanted to try!

I am the founder of The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at I am 26 years old based in London, UK

The benefit of living a simple life

Imran Dean

I am the founder of The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at I am 26 years old based in London, UK

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