What FOCUS really means (this is focusing on one course until successful)

I have always wanted to write a book. Of course, I have started an outline for it. However, I’m far from completing it. The reason is pretty simple, I lost focus over a period of time. My mind starts wavering and eventually I wonder if I can ever complete it. All of us have goals. All of us have dreams we want to achieve but not many do it. Have you ever wondered why it happens to us? Why do we lose focus?

Why are we not able to focus?

Focus really means to follow one course until you are successful. I completely understand that it is difficult to stay focused on a goal. We need to be extremely self-motivated and self-disciplined. Alas! Motivation wanes over time, discipline is too tricky to follow. So in the end, we get over frustrated, stressed, and angry. At last, we are miles away from our goals.

In our everyday struggle to survive, we are challenged with innumerable tasks and responsibilities. We often stretch ourselves to fulfill each one of them. In doing so, we are tired at the end of the day. So when we lose focus of our dream, it doesn’t matter much. It slowly becomes unimportant and inevitable.

Focus on your goals:

We are aware of our excuses and how far our dreams would live on those excuses. We often forget that our dreams die when we move away from them. I have seen and felt those silent tears when I see my dream crumbling due to lack of focus. It is alright to go off track at times but not always. If you do not work towards your dreams, somebody else will. So focusing on your goals is essential.

Is it possible to focus on our dreams?

Most of have lofty dreams. Sometimes you would start wondering if you ever achieve it but are you asking the right question? Is your goal really unachievable? If it is impossible, why do want to focus on that goal? Are you using the right approach? Do you have a plan in place? How do you make it work?

Do not worry! Focusing on one course of action is an art that can be practiced. There are methods and techniques to focus on your goals. Following it can make sure you do not veer off the course. The key point while you try to focus on your goal is to have a plan in place. Do not jump into action and suffer the consequences. Plan, follow and focus is the mantra to be followed.

Here are few of my favorite tricks and techniques to really help you focus and achieve those mighty, lofty dream of yours.

Write your goals down:

Yes, you heard me right! Take a pen and a piece of paper and write your goals down. Stick it in your cupboard or any place where you would be seeing it frequently. This is the first step towards focusing on your goal. This step helps you to visualize your goal. When you don’t write it down it is very abstract and becomes hard to follow. Writing it down enables you to see the specifics involved in attaining your goal.

To stay on track, you must be able to tackle them correctly. This active goal setting technique works wonders for you. Write down the small details of your goal clearly. This will help you to understand your goal better. The more the details, the easier to follow those.

Your own purpose statement:

You might wonder what this purpose statement is and why you would require it. Well, all big companies have their own mission statement and it is high time you create ours. If you are really serious about achieving your goals, mission statement or in other words your purpose statement is mandatory.

This mission statement will highlight various key points such as why do you want to achieve this goal, h you can accomplish these goals, how you can be different from others. Create a short statement and fix it up, somewhere you can see if regularly. If you are slowly losing focus, see the mission statement and remember why you began.

Effective time management:

The most crucial part of focusing on a goal is how well you manage your time. Learn to practice effective time management skills. Once you lose track of time, it would be very difficult to stay on track. Once you know how to manage your time, you would effectively move forward to achieve your goal. Try various time management techniques to know which works for your best.

Always split your activities to know which is very important and crucial. The ones which are not important can be worked out later. Don’t focus on tasks that do not line up with your goal. It is time-consuming and a complete waste of energy. Effective time management skills not only help you with your goals but also helps you in managing your day to day activities.

Create a plan:

To focus on our goals, we need a plan in place. This plan will aid us in knowing the immediate next step in achieving our goal. To follow one course until it is successful takes a lot of effort, meticulously planning and execution. Without a plan, this would not be possible.

So you create a plan, what’s next? Creating a simple plan will not cut it. Plan a decisive action plan with proper milestones. These milestones will help you to know if you are moving in the right direction. However, these plans must change as you move ahead. If the plan doesn’t work, change the direction slightly rather than staying back.

Analysis and track:

When you focus on something and yearn to attain it, shouldn’t you automatically analyze if the techniques work? Analyzing is one the most effective method to know if your focus is really paying off. Track and analyze your progress using proper tools and tricks. This method will help you understand how far you are from your goal and help you attain it. So if you realize something is not working out, you can change it pretty quickly.

When I try to save money, I use apps that help me track my finances. This analysis helps me understand my finances better and I can work towards saving more money. Are you able to understand it now?

No stalling:

Not everybody can be focused all the time. But that doesn’t mean you cannot relax. Relax but come right back to it. You need to focus on your goal rather than postponing it for later. Neither procrastination helps you nor does it enable you to focus on your goals. So how do we get out of this bad habit?

Try focusing on a task for 15 minutes. After your 15 minutes is up, take a small power break. Though this would not stop procrastination initially, it would help you get out this bad habit eventually.

Motivate yourself:

Last but not the least, motivate yourself. Surround yourself with positive vibes, let your hopes fly high and chase your dreams. Motivation is one of the vital factors in focusing on your goals. However, it is a difficult task. What if you have a bad day? How can you be motivated?

Find motivation outside when you are not able to be motivated. Watch inspirational videos, read motivating books and don’t let yourself waste your valuable time.

Don’t be afraid to fail:

Nevertheless, do not be afraid of failures. Even the greatest leader has failed. Remember that only you can focus on your goal. Push harder, keep going and never give up. Never lose focus!

I am the founder of SnowballYourSuccess.com. The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at imran@snowballyoursuccess.com I am 26 years old based in London, UK

What FOCUS really means

Imran Dean

I am the founder of SnowballYourSuccess.com. The focus of the blog is to provide useful content for people who want to improve themselves and also the tools that can help you achieve it! If you got any questions than ping me an email at imran@snowballyoursuccess.com I am 26 years old based in London, UK

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