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Evan Carmichael: How To Define Your Life Purpose In One Word

Why I bought the book?

If you have been on YouTube a lot and searching motivation or entrepreneur you would have come across the name Evan Carmichael. He runs an amazing YouTube channel focusing on giving viewers the chance to listen to high quality content such as his ‘Top 10 rules’ by highly successful individuals in their respective careers. You can tell by watching one video that a lot of research has gone into producing a single clip. I thoroughly enjoy watching his videos and his book was a must for me!


I would give this book a five star rating as I think the length, quality and research of this book was excellent. The book focuses on uncovering your one word that captures both your mission and purpose, how to communicate your values, deciding the right career path, and most common traits of successful people. I used it to create my one word ‘ simplify’ and this blog is built around that one word and I also used it to help shape my career. You can buy this book on Amazon.

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